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Tooth Replacement

Worn or missing permanent teeth are discouraging. They can be painful, and they can dramatically affect your smile and make you look older than you are!

Tooth replacements not only look great, but they can improve your bite and give you the ability to chew, eat, and speak naturally again. If you are missing multiple teeth, a single crown implant might not be the right choice for you, but the good news is we have other implant options for you to complete your smile and improve your bite!


Dental bridges can replace and repair multiple teeth at once. This is done by creating a pontic, which is anywhere from 1–3 dental crowns attached to each other; then we’ll place that pontic on one or two implants to bridge the gap between your teeth.

Your new bridge will be a dependable part of your repaired smile. Our bridges will match the color of your natural teeth and are easy to care for—our dental team will give you directions on how to keep your bridge and the area around it clean and healthy.

Complete and Partial Denture Implants

Dentures are no longer limited to full sets of teeth that threaten to slip out of place when you’re eating or speaking. We offer partial and complete denture implants that can replace either a full arch of teeth or just a few.

These dentures are anchored on dental implants inserted in your jawbone, which means they will stay firmly in place—you won’t have to worry about them suddenly shifting out of place mid-conversation. They will look so much like your natural teeth that no one needs to know you’ve had dentures placed at all!

You Can Look and Feel Great With Our Tooth Replacement Options

If you’re ready to repair a damaged smile and improve your dental health with a tooth replacement, contact us today! We’re excited to help you achieve your best possible smile.

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